New DH Press project with GEOG424 – Geographies of Religion

Thanks to the hard work of the GEOG 424 class, along with the always amazing support of the Digital Innovation Lab, we will be launching an interactive digital archive titled ‘Telling Religious Stories’. It is pretty remarkable what we have been able to accomplish in just one semester. In addition to conducting their own oral histories, the students in the class have designed the conceptual themes for the archive and have been busy entering their data for the DHPress website. The new web interface allows for a visitor to listen to an audio file while viewing a scrolling transcript, and to move through a range of different coding categories (‘filters’) related to space and place. Pam Lach and Darius Scott deserve a special shout-out for their tireless dedication and entertainment of my non-cartesian tendencies. I must admit, it is a nice step up from a whiteboard…


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Elizabeth Olson